Starting over with everything..

I lived and worked in Japan for a long time and have come back in a time of economic and ever present family drama to try and gain a foothold in my so-called home country. Armed with nothing but dog fur, a crappy car, a laptop that hates me, I try to see how far I can get.

Friday, December 30, 2005

Beach life

Here is my daily schedule, don't remember the times but more or less this is what I do:

06:30 (oye) get up, curse, look at my horrible haircut in the mirror and wet it, go lay down, get up, brush teeth, go lay down.

07:00 get my first detox drink of the day, chug quickly, drink some more water.

07:30 meditation on the beach, except today because the guy who leads it changed and he's awful.

08:30 chug suppliments and more water.

08:45- yoga

10:00 detox drink, grab my bucket for my first colema (enema) of the day. (2x!)

after I'm done I go to the beach and lie for as long as I can stand it. Then I go swimming.

I have more suppliments, 5 times a day! detox drinks 4 or 5 times I don't remember.

I do yoga in the evening and I go swimming sun bathing throughout the day, I actually have no idea where my whole day goes, it slows by 7:30 or so and I'm one tired monkey by 9pm. Lame right? But I've never felt more healthy and just better. My yoga instructor is the best I've ever had and I'm relearning some of the postures to better help myself. I'm surprising myself with how bendy I'm getting! woo-hoo! Hopefully I can keep this up. I must go, it's time for my soup. Miss you all and damnit someone write some comments, I'm getting sick and tired of writing to the void.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Wow, I wish you could all see how beautiful this place is. When I get back, I'll download pictures immediately, or when I remember. I'm on Koh Samui right now. I'm staying at a place called Spa Resort Samui ( and it is go-o-o-rgeous! It's my second day here on Samui and my first day fasting although I haven't really eaten much since I came to Thailand because I was preparing for my fast. It's strange not eating, I'm not hallucinating (yet) or have any epiphanies (yet) but I feel better already. I get detox drinks like 4 times a day and have to take supplements 3 times a day. I also get as much water as I can drink, (I feel like a fountain) and I get two soups (flavored water) and that's pretty much it. Oh yea, I have to do colemas (fancy word for enemas) twice a day. That was an interesting experience. I won't go into detail, but honestly it was just really odd and not as bad as I thought it would be.

I've also been doing meditation, yoga and swimming... Really I'm pretty busy until night time. My day starts at 6:30am! Oh so early, but I got my ass out of bed and did what I had to because, well I've paid a lot of money to do so. I did have a pretty good potato and spring rolls the first day I was here and I bought a candy bar for when my fast was over (yes, I know it will defeat the purpose and I'll probably give it to the flamboyantly gay reception clerk so I won't eat it but it's my motivation right now.)

Before I came to Samui, I was living it up like a 70 year old in Bangkok. Meaning I was so tired from traveling that I went to bed two nights in a row at 10pm, realitively early for Bangkok. I did get to go to Subway in Korea and got a half decent non-Japanese sandwich. I couldn't belive how expensive those things are! ($8) Funny, if they had given me the price in yen I probably would have not complained but damn it was so small and they used sweet pickles! I know whine, whine, whine.. I'm having a sandwich party when I go back home so I don't mind so much. What else??? Oh, I ate pizza too- in Bangkok, not Korea. It was only so-so, I may have to be bad and get Pizza hut at the airport on the way home, hopefully it won't mess my system up too bad after cleaning it out. Maybe I shouldn't... I'll think about it.

So the 26th was the 1 year anniversary of the Tsunami that took so many people's lives in South East Asia. It was a little ominous as it was raining and flooding slightly in parts when I arrived, but truthfully, it was nice to see that these people who had been through so much are trying really hard to move forward. There is construction everywhere and you can see parts that still haven't been cleaned up. I'll post pics later, the ones I took on that day. I don't know how else to describe how I felt that day, but it was interesting being here.

I'm sorry this is such a dull post, I know you all expected crazy stories, but I want to take this time and just relax and try to clear my head and remember what is was I was trying to be before this year. I feel like I got off track somehow. I've met some nice people here, but I haven't really done more than idle chit-chat with most of them because I want to meditate on myself if that makes sense.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

More wedding pictures

These are from the last wedding I went to but these are the good pictures my friend, Son-san took. If anyone wants a bigger pic, I can e-mail it to ya.

The biggest smile she broke while wearing the kimono. Japanese brides, in the full kimono gear, are supposed to be very demure and not be this happy. Oh well...
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I forget to not show teeth.
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Waiting in the welcome line.
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Mizuho's mom and dad, so cute!
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Me apparently sober, but I don't believe I am.
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In full kimono gear.
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Son-san living it up.
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Yumi is a friend of mine who works at one of my elementary schools. Her folks are real sweethearts!
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Cake cutting and bubbles, can you ask for anything more?
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Yumi and me.
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Me and Son. In Japan you have to pose like this.
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Rumi, Son and Yumi.
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Rumi and me, adorable no?
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Mizuho's mom, dad, her and her hubby.
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I was asked to sing at the wedding... I didn't have words on the screen to my song and was very, very tipsy at this point... NO one will see the rest of the Karaoke train wreck that ensued.
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Close-up of the dress her mom made.
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Tashiro, Mizuho and Son.
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Another moment in time picture.
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Oh why oh why don't people take the mic away?
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Tan and Rumi at the after party.
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I sometimes go to Mizuho's house to have dinner with their family. Her mom makes really good grub. From left to right, Mizuho's dad, Son-san, Mizuho, Me, Tan, Rumi.
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Eating at Mizuho's.
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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Beer is beautiful

I was soooo sleepy yesterday, thus that was the reason I slept in until 12:30 today. But in all fairness, I went to bed at 3am so I didn't sleep in but a few hours. I went out with my new bud Armida to go visit Cecilia at the bar because she told me I just had to go down there and meet up with her friend. I feel awkward about her trying to set me up because I've never really been set up before. She proclaims her innocence in just saying that she just wants us to be friends and doesn't expect anything else, but I have a sneaking suspicion that's not true. She has good intentions tho'. She genuinely wants me to meet a good guy. I don't blame her, I do too. The guy is a very nice person. Tall, cute, very polite, makes me laugh but I just want to have people to talk to right now and I think that's all he wants too, so I'm all for that. I left there early with the excuse Armida had to go to bed early because she was going to Beppu today- all true, but I was gonna meet up with a friend of mine at a different bar, so you know.

I went to this other place to meet up with my friend but she wasn't there so I wait for them to get there which they eventually do and I cut out early leaving at 2:30. I had one beer, but damn it all if it wasn't good beer. It was the kind of beer that makes you smack your lips when you're done drinking it. I haven't had one like that in a while. The funny thing is I think it was just normal beer but dunno if it was the company or the fact I'm one day closer to my vacation and resting because it was the weekend that made me really appreciate it.

Hmm... I need to take a shower, I've been in my pjs all day and before Armida sees I'm still like this I'm gonna take a shower.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

We can't stop the fire...

I'm so sleepy today. Armida and I chatted away for hours yesterday. I guess you never really realize how lonely you are until you have someone to chat with you because they have no where else to go. She's equally as chatty, so it's nice not to be the only one talking, but damn neither one of us shuts up. However, she wakes up perfectly refreshed looking and I look like death on a bad hair day. Oh well, you can't win 'em all and I don't care anymore because in just 8 days I'm on vacation!!!!! And it's Friday so I can be wild and crazy if I so choose. And to start off my wild and crazy weekend I will take a nap when I go home.

It was freezing in my house when I went home for lunch. However, with my handy-dandy gas heater it soon warmed up but my honking-feet where cold. So, I snuggled up close with my fleece blanket to the heater. Sometimes it's easier to forget fleece is made of plastic and is easily flammable. I smelled burned plastic and pulled the blanket (one of my favorites) off me and examined the singed remains. I then got cold again and instead of getting up to get another blanket I decided to just hang my feet above the heater... Damn flared jeans, damn them to hell! I always ruin my favorite jeans. I was like, hmmmm what's that smell, not burning plastic, burning hair?? Nooooo, burning cotton, fack. It actually had a cool look to it but then I tried rubbing the burnt color off and a small part of the jeans disintergrated. Thank God I didn't decide to take a nap at lunch.

The moral of the story boys and girls is to not get too damn close to your heater no matter how warm it is. Also that heated metal can singe and cause things to catch fire just as easily as any flame.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

When does the ass become a popsicle??

I am so cold I think I've forgotten how to stay warm. I have 3 shirts, one fleece sweater and one fleece jacket on and am still freezing. How is that possible? I'm gonna die from the heat in Thailand. Still I'm looking forward to the tan, so I won't mind dying brown and beautiful. Just 9 more days, 5 more work days... Just 9 more days, 5 more work days... My mantra changes slightly every morning.

I haven't been writing recently due to my new Mexican house guest. When I lived in Nagoya, I stayed in a dorm with two other Mexicans there. One named Ines and the other Diana, both from afluent Mexican families, one who was really stuck-up (Diana). Oh, but if ever she needed help, who do you think that she came running to? It's the unwritten rule, even if you're considered a sell-out or not really Mexican (how that is even though both my parents are Mexican, I don't understand) that you're obligated to help your countrymen in time of need- like the facking military or something. So, who helped translate when Diana needed help to explain how a Japanese transvestite in a miniskirt was stalking her... me and a Chinese girl, I didn't know how to say transvestite in Japanese. Sorry, I have to vent a little bit.

The one I continued talking to after the program, who I believe is a really good person recently asked me to help her younger sister who was coming to Japan for the first time. She wanted information on places to stay, things to see, etc... which I gladly gave her. Her sister started e-mailing me, asking me questions and I tried to answer them the best I could to help her. So she comes to Japan and she ends up in some shoddy guesthouse and gets the flu. So after a stint in the hospital, she stays with me, at the request of her sister whom asked me and has been at my house ever since Tuesday. Armida is a really lovely woman who talks A LOT. She gets up really freaking early too. I find out yesterday she is planning just to stay with me the rest of the time (slight shock) but I'll be gone for the majority of the time so I don't mind.

It's strange having someone you've never met in your life stay in your home. When I went to pick her up, I was a bit apprehensive if I'd know who she was but the minute I saw her, not only did she have Ines' face, but a bright purple jacket and pink ked shoes on. Adorable. She reminded me a bit of how my mom dressed in the 80's. I hope she has a good time in Japan and keeps a good impression of Japan. I'm very conscious of how clean my house is and how warm it is now. I feel like my mom is here in a way. Oh well, I'm sure I'll get over it. I'm hungry a bit but I don't think I have any food at my desk... Oh well, just a little longer til lunch.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

A friend of mine made this picture of Godzilla (pronounced Go-ji-ra in Japanese) attacking my peaceful little town, Takeo. Beautiful is it not?
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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Mexican Rock Pizza

Mexican Rock Pizza is damn near the most wonderful pizza in all of Japan. I haven't had really good pizza in Japan in a while. If I did, I'm sure my ass would be as large as a truck (it's only maybe a small car). It is wonderful stuff tho'.

I sit here in my apartment amid the last two slices of Mexican Rock Pizza, refusing to turn on the heater because I'm too lazy and I'm watching crappy Japanese TV. I should really go outside for a walk, but it's cold and again, I'm lazy. I got a movie at the video store but it was placed in the wrong box and I got some crazy French film instead of the Selma Hayak / Matthew Perry film I wanted. I really need to clean my house. It looks like I've been living with vagrants for a week. Minus a smell of dirty and pee I mean. Ah, I'll do that later.

I got to talk to my momma today and a few friends from home. It was nice and strange all at the same time. I hate getting the 'when you coming home?' question. I had a plan, or at least I thought I did before.. What do you do when your whole future goes 'poof' in a phone call? I don't know. My path to self discovery supposidly has something to do with Mexican Rock Pizza. I start doing "liver flushes" (The Liver Flush recipe:Into a blender add.extra virgin olive oil- 2 tablespoons or up to a third of a cup, with fresh lemon juice-about 1-2 thirds cup, garlic 3-5cloves, ginger 1-knob, cayenne pepper half gram & top up with freshly squeezed orange juice.) In order to prepare for my fast in Thailand. I'm going to be one pleasant smelling person here. At least my liver will thank me. Off to finish my pizza.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Bored, bored, bored

I'm considering ramming my toe into a wall so I have a little excitement today. There is an off chance I could injure myself and be sent home early but I doubt it. Plus I have no money to pay for the hospital bill. Yesterday I read a 400 page book at work. And I taught 1 class. We've officially hit the slow time of the school year. Half of me doesn't mind but the other half of me wants to stay home in the morning so I don't have to brave the cold or work.

Oh, new update on excitement, (I wrote the first paragraph this morning,) I got to put 300 sweet potatoes in plastic sacks for students. Actually me, Chris and one of the English teacher did. It was the most exciting thing all day besides the vice principal talking to me about a meeting I'm supposed to go to next month and how I have to take Chris with me and oh yea, I have to do... and I have to do... It's not even my damn school that I'm working for, it's one of Chris' schools but I got volunteered to do it. Frustrating. At least I get a little money.

Why the hell do they turn on one heater, the one close to the principal, but decide that the other one, in the back of the room- closest to the two foreigners, is turned off all the damn time? Bastards, I'll bring more clothes and shiver a bit tomorrow, maybe it will make them feel bad. I especially enjoy when they (the administrators) come over to talk, say 'wow, it's cold isn't it?' and go back to their desk by the heater and take off their coat they put on so they could talk to us. Grrr.

Monday, December 05, 2005

If I could turn back time...

Sorry, I like using songs in things I write or in everyday conversation. It's soothing to me somehow seeing that songs apply to my daily life. Although, I can't find relevance in the song I'm currently listening to... there was something in the air that night, the stars were bright, Fernando. If I had to do the same again, I would my friend, maybe... But I doubt it. Would I have even come to Japan the first time? Would I have gotten a major that would have held more chances of me gaining financially after I had graduated? Would I have studied harder, worked out more, made myself a better person? Dated more, drunk less, volunteered at meaningful and important causes, become more scholarly or politically motivated? Doubt it. I guess I would have done the same again. Damn, I'm retarded.

Damn, Abba is just good music. Anyone who doesn't think so can get the hell away from me. I call Abba my Lanie music. It's my happy thought of late, Lanie (my brother Jaime's wife) just bopping and singing in her car with eerie accuracy almost any pop ballad. Something you don't expect from a little Filipino lady.

Man I would kill for Pollo Loco here. I've really been wanting some beans and chicken I don't cook myself. Sorry guess I'm hungry and the two granola bars I had for brekky just aren't cutting it. Oh well, all in preparation for the fast I guess. Most people I've talked to about it lately have told me I'm crazy to go on a vacation that makes me not eat and "flushes-out" my system, sounds more like torture than fun, but I'm convinced otherwise. Just 18 days till I leave. Just 18 days...

Today is Shelley's birthday! Happy birthday to her (my brother Jerry's wife) but I doubt they read my blog. Anyway, happy birthday. I'll try to call her later. Speaking of birthdays, Yuritzi's (my oldest niece's) birthday is Thursday. 18 years old... It's unbelieveable. I actually want to cry when I think about that because she is so beautiful and has so many opportunities ahead of her, but I'm so afraid she'll ignore them and be sitting here like me trying to channel Cher (can you channel the spirit of someone living?) seeing if she could turn back time. Speaking of which if anyone wants to send me some Oil of Olay lotion from home so I can turn back the time of my eye wrinkles, I'd appreciate it. I must go, I'm trying to start and finish a book today, oh the work I do.

And hell freezes over...

Jebus, it's cold today. I was like, nah, couldn't be snow. Ah fack, it's snowing, and it's cold as all hell. I'll tell you what tho', ain't nothing like being greeted in the morning with, 'I love you!' I wouldn't mind waking up so much if someone would greet me like that every morning. I have one class in particular with some special students who really enjoy English. I think maybe they just really love learning. Even if they don't, it doesn't matter; they are adorable and they love me. Let me be the egotisitical teacher for a minute. I think if people mobbed people with hugs they wouldn't mind being mobbed so much.

This weekend I was sooo busy. I made a Christmas-y dinner with a little help of my friends for another friend of mine's birthday. It was a good time and we did some online Karaoke after. Check out for a good time with you and the computer in a non-dirty way. You get 7 days free. Sorry to sound like a commercial.

Saturday I got to go to a good friend's wedding. It was really beautiful. I'll post the pics when I get them later. I only have a few now, I'll post more when I get sent some hopefully. It was a really beautiful wedding and I wish them all the best. Sorry the pics are kind of shoddy. I'm buying my camera right before I leave for Thailand. I can't wait for Thailand! It's the only think getting me through right now. I'm gonna go and try to do some more laundry. It's never gonna dry. *sigh*

Mizuho's hubby (Tashiro, Toshiro? I had a lot to drink.) Isn't she beautiful. This was right after the song I sang and forgot the first lyric too because I thought they forgot I was to sing and I proceeded to drink until they showed me the performance schedule, after I had drank a fair bit. No one noticed but me, I do well on faking it when I'm drunk. (Sorry mom, I don't drink often, it was a special occasion, I swear!)
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Mizuho's mom and dad, Mizuho and hubby. Her hubby gave a very moving speech and half the crowd cried.
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Better picture of the dress. Can't believe her mom made it and even dyed all the silk with handmade dyes!!
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From left to right, Mizuho's dad, Mizuho and her hubby.
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Me and Son-san, we were the only two foreigners there (he's Chinese), so we just decided to get da-runk. Mission accomplished.
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Such a moment in time picture. This was the last dress of the three. Sorry I missed the kimono at the beginning.
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Better picture of cutting the cake, I loved the bubble machine and the look on the groom
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This is a pic of the choral competition that the kids at my school do every year. Last year I was unable to attend because I was teaching at a different school. I almost wish I had been this year too, not that it wasn't lovely, but the same song over and over can drive one nuts. Still a good picture none the less.
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Cutting the cake, but the lights were so bright.
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This is a pic of some ladies dancing at a festival I went to a while ago. It was very cute. I just found the pic and I think it's cool, so here you go.
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