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I lived and worked in Japan for a long time and have come back in a time of economic and ever present family drama to try and gain a foothold in my so-called home country. Armed with nothing but dog fur, a crappy car, a laptop that hates me, I try to see how far I can get.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

We can't stop the fire...

I'm so sleepy today. Armida and I chatted away for hours yesterday. I guess you never really realize how lonely you are until you have someone to chat with you because they have no where else to go. She's equally as chatty, so it's nice not to be the only one talking, but damn neither one of us shuts up. However, she wakes up perfectly refreshed looking and I look like death on a bad hair day. Oh well, you can't win 'em all and I don't care anymore because in just 8 days I'm on vacation!!!!! And it's Friday so I can be wild and crazy if I so choose. And to start off my wild and crazy weekend I will take a nap when I go home.

It was freezing in my house when I went home for lunch. However, with my handy-dandy gas heater it soon warmed up but my honking-feet where cold. So, I snuggled up close with my fleece blanket to the heater. Sometimes it's easier to forget fleece is made of plastic and is easily flammable. I smelled burned plastic and pulled the blanket (one of my favorites) off me and examined the singed remains. I then got cold again and instead of getting up to get another blanket I decided to just hang my feet above the heater... Damn flared jeans, damn them to hell! I always ruin my favorite jeans. I was like, hmmmm what's that smell, not burning plastic, burning hair?? Nooooo, burning cotton, fack. It actually had a cool look to it but then I tried rubbing the burnt color off and a small part of the jeans disintergrated. Thank God I didn't decide to take a nap at lunch.

The moral of the story boys and girls is to not get too damn close to your heater no matter how warm it is. Also that heated metal can singe and cause things to catch fire just as easily as any flame.


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