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I lived and worked in Japan for a long time and have come back in a time of economic and ever present family drama to try and gain a foothold in my so-called home country. Armed with nothing but dog fur, a crappy car, a laptop that hates me, I try to see how far I can get.

Monday, September 11, 2006

A 27 year lesson

Forgive. There is very little that is unforgivable; though many things which are unforgettable.

Grudges cause stress, pain, ulcers and take excessive energy. See above for how to let go of them.

Tell people you love them, either with actions or words, but tell them when you can.

Old people are cool, cherish them, ask for stories, visit with them, leave them alone when they need to be.

Never lose hope in your darkest hour.

Seek help when you need it.

Help when you can.

Rinse your dishes when you're done using them, mold grows quickly.

Mexican food is good.

Life is too short to diet constantly. But try to eat healthy.

Learn from your mistakes, failures, horrible things in your life.

Breathe deeply sometimes.

cigarettes, alcohol and things with are "bad" for you, are sometimes a necessary evil.

I love my family, even the crazy ones and the ones I sometimes can't stand.

I love my friends, even if I wish bad things to happen to them sometimes.

Ask for forgiveness when you yell at someone, even if they deserved it.

Things can always get worse and probably will, enjoy the good stuff when it happens.

Be it allah, darwin, mother nature, god or some other entity you believe in, something is watching out for you.

Confront your fears when you can. It may not help you cure your fear, but then you will learn that your fear is substantiated.

Aprenda otra lengua.

Remember to say thank you and I'm sorry when appropriate.

Trees are beautiful.

Write letters by hand sometimes.

Dance in your undies.

You can find beauty in so many things around you.

Bounce and Snuggle make laundry wonderful feeling and smelling.

Hugs are good, but done incorrectly can be creepy.

Mom's are the cure for the common cold.

Little kids smell funny sometimes, but are pretty cool for the most part.

It's important to inflate your tires to their recommended psi.

Midgets are slutty. (At least the one's I've met.)

Generalizations are bad (but sometimes true.) You should avoid them when you can.

Be nice to crazy people who talk to you. Maybe they won't shoot you on their rampage.

Read a book once in a while.

Ice cream comes from heaven.

Crying washes your eyes and the soul.

If you wanna hit something, take up a martial art or boxing, or do Tae bo.

I'm grateful for my life, even the crappy moments because they make the good ones that much better.


  • At 10:02 AM , Anonymous sarah a. said...

    hey, beat me to it. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I so wish I could be there. Somethin's coming your way soon, watch your box.
    love you!

    (I second the hugging sentiment, along with many others.)
    (also, I GOT A JOB! Just happens to be the BEST JOB EVER! I'm gonna be a neuroscientist!)

  • At 3:42 PM , Blogger sarah said...

    Yea! I don't know what a neuroscientists does(assuming it has something to do with brains?), but I'm happy for you! I'll google it later. Thank you for what's coming my way in advanced! xoxo
    Tell me all about your job when you start working!

  • At 1:35 AM , Blogger kurotatsu said...

    Hello dear,
    guess who? Happy B-Day. I hope you still remember my mail adress. Send me your phone number, I've got big news for ya.
    Yar favorite Canadian-French.

  • At 1:19 AM , Blogger Maurice said...

    That's a wonderful list. I had yet to learn that seedy fact about midgets, thanks for letting me know, hee.
    Happy birthday, have fun in Okinawa.

  • At 7:49 PM , Blogger sarah said...

    Ma cherie! Je t'aime. xoxo. Comment ca va? Avez-vous le meme telephone mobile? Je vais au Okinawa aujourd'hui, mais je vous appellerai quand je reviens. Baisers et truc a l'esprit mal tourne.

  • At 12:06 AM , Blogger Clayton said...

    sarah, you can punch my shoulder anytime you are angry. My birthday gift to you.

  • At 12:06 AM , Blogger sarah said...

    That's very sweet Clay, I would take you up on it, if you don't mind not being able to lift your arms above your head for the remainder of your time here. I don't think either one of us wants that, but the sentiment is much appreciated.


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