Starting over with everything..

I lived and worked in Japan for a long time and have come back in a time of economic and ever present family drama to try and gain a foothold in my so-called home country. Armed with nothing but dog fur, a crappy car, a laptop that hates me, I try to see how far I can get.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Home Part II

Back to Seattle..

in search for the 12th man
I found some hippies...

who took me to a groovy cupcake place.
I really don't remember how I ended up home...

Or how I ended up with drink after drink in my hand...

Or how the hell I ended up with these pictures...
I blame this cat... and maybe the cupcakes.
Good cupcakes.. mmm.
I managed to find my longtime crush at a bar...
Maybe we'll look back at this photo at our wedding.
HA! Joking, joking... sigh.


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