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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Chick flicks

I'm obviously spending too much time at home. I was sick yesterday and spent the greater portion of the day sleeping. I slept so much I was a walking zombie around my house last night until I saw a show that reviewed the 50 best chick flicks of all time. Most I agreed with but I think a true chick flick list reflects the chick flick watcher's experience (ratio, how many times watched : how much you cry, even when you know what will happen) or something like that. 50 is too big so, I'm gonna only do 20 or so. Feel free to agree or disagree.

20. Waiting to Exhale
*Fine men and we learned how to burn a car and look fab while doing it.
19. Amelie (France)
*Awkward, strange and very cute, everything love should be.
18. Like Water for Chocolate (Mexico)
*Mexico, evil family members, love and food with magical powers, it's hot!
17. Must Love Dogs
*Sooo, gonna be my life in the future, hopefully I'll get to meet John Cusack.
16. Whale Rider (New Zealand)
*Such a powerful film for all girls to watch, I cry everytime she gives the speech.
15. Love Actually (UK)
*This movie is good on so many levels I don't know what to say. I love HG's crab dance.
14. Wedding Planner
* I hate J-Lo. Everyone knows this, but my love knows no bounds for Matthew McConaughey.
13. My Best Friend's Wedding.
*Ever gal's nightmare come true. What to do when your back-up marries and you will be left alone to roam the earth with cats?
12. Dirty Dancing
*"Nobody puts baby in the corner." Nuf said.
11.My Big Fat Greek Wedding
*Change the names to Garcia or Lopez and add some Catholicism and Spanishyou have a Big Fat Mexican Wedding.
10.The Notebook
*Such a sexy and endearing story. I cried so much I almost used a whole tissue box.
9.Romeo and Juliette
*I bought the soundtrack and Complete works of William Shakespear after I saw it. Nerdy, yes, but I don't mind. Sadly lost the CD and used the book to decorate.
8. The Lake House
*Keanu and Sandra? Sexy times 1,000! I cried harder the second time, proving it's chick flick power.
7.Sleepless in Seattle
*Gotta give the props to my town. Okay, technically not my town, but I've been to almost all the places in the movie, more than a few times. And I can quote nearly the entire movie.
6.Top Gun
*Tom Cruise in dress whites? This is not a guy's movie. I have a 8X10 Bk/Wh glossy.
5.Say Anything
*Lloyd Dobler is so creepy and romantic. Reminds me of so many guys I know. *sigh*
4.Sixteen Candles
*If only we could all the a guy to get our undies back.
3.Practical Magic
*I love this movie because it's so damn cute and I love Sandra Bullock and even Ms Kidman.
2.Bridget Jones' Diary(UK)
*She is every woman.
1.Pretty Woman
*This movie made it okay to have 10 second fantasies of running away and becoming a prostitute in Hollywood.


  • At 5:32 PM , Blogger karen said...

    Notting Hill?
    About a boy?
    Hugh Grant is awesome in these movies.

    A few from your list I haven't seen, but agree with most of them...

    Wedding Singer? - one of my all tim favs.

    How are you feeling now? Still off school? Only one more week left before your outta here!

  • At 10:45 PM , Anonymous Eli said...

    As best friends there's a few things we'll never share. I'm happy with that.

  • At 8:15 PM , Blogger Maurice said...

    Like Water for Chocolate and Sleepless in Seattle definitely are good movies, same with Pretty Woman and My Best Friend's Wedding. (Although I'm biased since some wierd element in me causes me to tear up at most Julia Roberts movies.)
    I felt the same way about My Big Fat Greek Wedding; change the names to Madayag and Fagar, add in Catholicism and Tagalog and it's a Big Fat Filipino Wedding!

  • At 10:42 PM , Blogger sarah said...

    Karen:Hugh Grant is wonderful and I did consider about a boy, but something about a that little kid weirded me out a bit. I felt like he'd be a kid who smelled of tapioca or something. Good lil actor tho'. I loved Notting Hill, "I'm just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love me" or something like that. I love Wedding singer too and reserve the right to add that one to the list, in the 15 range. It was hard because I had to be picky.

    Eli: you like chick flicks too, somewhere deep inside your indie movie heart. Some of those movies were fantastically filmed, whale rider? Gimme that one at least.

    Maurice: I feel the same way of all Julia Roberts films and Sandra Bullock. Erin Brockavich (sp?) how good was that? Sleeping with the Enemy, pure crap, but I loved it. You know the truly sad thing. As tacky as the Greeks may have been inside I was nervously laughing because I'd say Mexican's take the cake for tacky. 'No, no, add more lace, das sexi! I don't think jur hair's big enuf Maria, gimmie a sec to tease it out sum more. '


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