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I lived and worked in Japan for a long time and have come back in a time of economic and ever present family drama to try and gain a foothold in my so-called home country. Armed with nothing but dog fur, a crappy car, a laptop that hates me, I try to see how far I can get.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Well, it's Valentine's day here in Japan and it's a strange day indeed. It's not where I thought I would be this year, this time, but whatever. I just wanted to say inspite of the fact I hate this holiday, I love a lot of people; people whom I didn't have pictures of either, so I hope you all know that. I know it's corny, but I decided I'm gonna treat all holidays like my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving and give thanks to the people I care about both near and far. Love you all and I miss you more than I can show or else I'd be a crying mess all the time. Hope you have a good day, may you have sunshine and rainbows coming out of orafices you normally have bad stuff coming out of.

All my love,



  • At 5:07 AM , Blogger Maurice said...

    Hey Sarah, it's Maurice. I hope you don't mind that I read your blog. Just want to say that although I see you so rarely, you're a great person and I want to thank you for your help in the past. I'm having a gunk-caught-in-the-shower-drain kinda Valentine's too, and I like your idea of using it to thank and appreciate people.
    Catch you around sometime,

  • At 4:25 AM , Blogger Aine said...

    Hi Sarah,

    Whiled away a lovely hour catching up on your blog. Otsukarasama!

    Really like the new profile picture. Very shekushi!

    all the best


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